Iconic Women In Fashion.

This post is a symbol of celebratory and appreciation of women of glamour, style, substance, and iconic in the fashion world. These women have uniquely contributed to the fashion industry by their respective groundbreaking designs, aesthetics in modelling and photography as well as editorial and serious writing.

The first woman is Diane Von Furstenberg, a Belgian-American fashion designer widely known for her famous Wrap Dress. The knitted jersey was first introduced in the 70’s and has had a great impact on women’s clothing for years. Due to its influence in the fashion industry, it now resides under a collection of the costume institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Diane Von Furstenberg runs a successful fashion company signified by her initials DVF. She has been nominated as president of the Council of Fashion Designers Of America since 2006 to date. Due to her influence in fashion, Diane has been awarded numerous times because of her work. Her awards amongst the others include the 2014 powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine, Time 100 icons by Time magazine and a star on fashion walk of fame in 2008. This iconic woman has a cosmetic line, fragrances ( Tatiana and Diane), denim collaboration and a children’s collection. Not only is she an iconic fashion designer and a business woman, she posses a spirit of humanism, dedicating her time and wealth to the needy. Her trade mark DVF holds annual awards to celebrate women who are leaders, strong and courageous in their dedications to women’s causes. She is also a published author of Diane: A Signature Life and my favorite book, The Woman I Wanted To Be. 

This is by far an utterly beautiful masterpiece that had me inspired, had me in tears and full of joy all at once. The journey of discovery of her womanhood is beautifully painted in black and white. Her strength, her willingness to teach young women to be fearless and always see the good even when the bad is overwhelmingly taking over one’s life is artistically embedded in this book. 

The second woman I would like celebrate is Iman Abdulmajid famously known as Iman. She is one of the first supermodels of colour to ever be signed to a modelling agency in America. Being first discovered by an American photographer, Iman kick started her modelling career with a major modelling assignment for Vogue magazine. Prominent designers such as Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent used her as their muse on the runway and in editorial. Her unique physical features: her long neck and copper-tones skin has had Yves describing her as a “dream woman”. The iconic supermodel started a cosmetic line serving to cater to women with unique shades of colour that were difficult to find. The line has foundations in four formulations and 14 different shades. Her jewelry collection of Global Chic is currently a best seller among jewelry brands on HSN. In 2010, the Council of Fashion Designers Of America awarded her with Fashion Icon lifetime achievement award. Her humane nobility is signified by her current positions as a spokesperson of ‘Keep a child Alive’ and an ambassador for ‘Save the Children.’

“Fashion isn’t really about clothes, it’s about life.” One of France Sozzani’s famous quotes. Her passing has greatly saddened a lot in the fashion industry but her life is undeniably worth celebrating. Franca Sozzani was an editor of Vogue Italia and had graced the position for decades. Her belief in democratization of magazines made her stood out amongst other editors. Her fearlessness was witnessed in how she tackled important social and cultural issues around race and size in fashion. One of the memorable moments in fashion history was her acknowledgement of African culture by dedicating an entire feature to women of colour in 2008, titled L’uomo Vogue. Through photography, Franca expressed women demographics in terms of shapes and sizes by featuring plus size models in the magazine. Vogue Cutoy was launched under her name in order to give plus size bloggers a platform to offer fashion advices to full-featured women. Her belief to promote young designers, and the discussion of social issues like domestic violence, drug abuse  were unique elements that differentiated Vogue Italia from others. Franca assisted and provided work opportunities for underprivileged children under her foundation of ‘Child Priority.’ In a world of discriminatory practices of Fashion, Franca will forever be remembered and honoured for her belief in inclusive and a realistic representation of women in the world.

These women have uniquely contributed to the world of Fashion in different dimensions and in different times. Their work continue to inspire women of many generations to aspire for greatness and challenge existing social norms. 

Acknowledgements: vogue.com , dvf.com, Google images.

With love from Precious Mohale.


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