Breaking The Rules With Rihanna.

Hi there lover

Paper magazine has released its artistically enchanting cover of March starring Rih! In almost a decade of her feature on the magazine, no timing is this perfect and totally worth it. Rihanna recently received Harvard’s Humanitarian of year award (amazing right?!) And the feature celebrates this with beautiful aesthetics through photography and editorials. The team from paper magazine express their excitement and explains the editorials by saying:” for our spring #BreakTheRules cover, our team took inspiration from her budding acting career and chameleon-like powers of transformation to cast her as a high fashion clerk in a bodega of the future.” Rih is said to be part of an all female cast of Ocean’s Eight along side the iconic Anne Hathaway. The article featured these amazing pictures

Read more on the feature article on 

Styled by Farren Fucci and Shannon Stokes

Photo assistants: Butch Hogan and David Morett.

With love from Precious Mohale.


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