Hello lovers

Transparent heels amongst other trends introduced during fashion weeks have successfully penetrated the fashion world, style wise. Fashion Weeks have become a complex arena that introduces varied trends for approaching seasons, often blurring the trend setting process. Arguably, diversity is great and highly appreciated, however, domination of certain trends over the others could jeopardize the counter subordinates. The sole purpose of fashion weeks have become vague, but certainly not entirely, because directions of future styles are vastly showcased. It is sometimes difficult to narrow down those styles to one trend or successfully follow all of them.

Fashion signifies a cycle that continually introduce and reintroduces varied styles from previous ancient and modern designs. Style is influenced by art, culture, technology and overarching themes of fashion. Evidently, designs of the transparent heels are no different from previous and present styles, only the exception of material replacements.The trendy transparent or clear heels brought back memories of 2015 London Fashion Week Street Style, where fashionistas incorporated them in their styles and nailed it. This mesmerizing shoe trend is definitely a must have and worth adding to your closet this season. They beautifully and clearly portray the skin whilst keeping the sophisticated look. There are varieties of designs to choose from, which accommodates for different personal styles. Below are beautifully alluring heels that match with my personal style.

The variety of these clear heels caters for different seasons: a range from boots to sandals. High fashion labels like Yeezy has a feature of the shoe trend, which will be showcased in the up coming Yeezy season four during the New York Fashion week. Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing a sneak peak of the upcoming yeezy collection, paired with the gorgeous clear heels.

Still on the trend note, denim jackets, shirts and chockers are items to add to your wardrobe this season. You definitely will never go wrong with denim. The shoe trend is CLEARLY something to try out, I absolutely love them.

You can post your views and comments below, would you rock the transparent heels? πŸ™‚

With love from Precious Mohale.



  1. Tatiana says:

    Hi! If you don’t mind me asking… I’m really interested in knowing where the first pair of heals are from (the clear laceup ones)


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