Hello my fashion lovers! 

It’s that time of the month where we are granted the honour to joyfully peak through our favourite stars’ lives. Magazines remain the most vital medium that successfully deliver colourful and magnificent rhetorics of lively hoods in the celebville. I personally still adore and appreciate the printed versions in the digital age. Their metaphorical tangible dreams have the ability to evoke beautiful emotions of the reader. Page to page dreams of inspiration through beauty, lifestyle and fashion. For this month, I decided to share with you all the two artistic covers that really took my breath away. 

The Smith siblings, Jaden and Willow are the cover stars for Interview magazine September issue. The two praised their parents Will and Jada, concerning their influence on who they have become at present. The 18 year old Jaden is an actor and a rapper, whilst Willow has begun her singing career at a tender age of 6. The beautifully and artistically shot editorials has had everybody talking about the two adorable siblings.

The oh so gorgeous and legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell covered Paper magazine as one of the hundred beautiful people. If we recall, earlier this year, the model released and launched her book with an overwhelmingly fabulous feminine cover. She is gorgeous, has a forever flourishing career and an inspiring business woman. 

I really hope you enjoyed the read, please do comment below, share your thoughts on these beautiful pictures. 

With love from Precious Mohale.


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