Hello my lovers, today I have decided to share with you my sentiments regarding issues around feminism and what it means to be a woman. The month of August is dedicated to women and has connotations of womanhood in south Africa. It is during this month that issues affecting women such as the rape culture, sexism, and misogyny are discussed and highly emphasized. When one thinks or discusses rape culture, patriarchal ideologies often surface. For decades, feminists have and still continue to form united fronts and stand in solidarity against patriarchal structures used to define a woman. Certain mannerisms are aligned with or imposed on women whilst male counterparts possess different ones. These are in my opinion, are most visible and reinforced through the media, with the features, modes and meanings attached with the idea of a woman. It is unfortunate that to this day some women find themselves conforming to these and continue to reinforce them on the younger generation. I am fully aware that one’s surrounding has an impact on behaviour and understanding of the world. However, the minute the overarching ideologies are questioned, change is but a promised land.

On the other hand, there has been, to a certain extent, success with removal of women in the kitchen and putting them in a working space. However, there still exist inequalities of sexes with regards to payments in the workplace. Often you would find the male employees earning more than their female counterparts. Moreover, men are most likely to get more preference as far as business opportunities are concerned. I do not stand and I hope do not give the impression that men are wrong, rather I’m emphasizing recognition of women. 

Women should and deserve to be recognised as human beings, able and fit to successfully function and contribute to the society. Participation in political, social and economic discussions and decision making. I urge that we educate men about issues affecting women for a radical change and an emancipated society. A society lacking conditions of worth and quotas limiting and directing one’s behaviour. Moreover, men should sit on the table in discussion with women about issues like rape. Rape is a social ill that directly and indirectly affects every member of the society. With these opinions presented, I hope you all have discussions and arguments regarding women, feminism and the society.

Please share your thoughts on this topic and let’s have an open discussion that serves to educate others and ourselves.

With love from Precious Mohale โค


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