Bags Clutches Slay!

It was during the A/W 16 fashion show in Paris that I fell in love with the collection of clutches and bags introduced by varied designers. I myself sometimes struggle finding fashionable and affordable bags that could possibly match more than one outfit in my wardrobe. Remember lovers that a bag serves similar purpose of accessories, it makes a statement. More than that, it allows you to carry all your emergency products like lipstick, facial wipes, foundation, whilst maintaining your slayage!

Here are some tips on getting a fashionable and trendy bag that would not only be compatible with your clothing but would still trend the coming seasons.

  • Tassels tassels tassels! Trust me lovers, you could never go wrong with tassels, either on a bag, clothing or shoes.
  • Find a nude colour for your bag. Nudes match with almost every colour, be it black or white. What I love about nudes (especially on lipstick *wink) is that they always pop and match simply because they are neutral colours.
  • A leather bag! I would suggest a black or white or nude coloured bag. Leather NEVER goes out of fashion, which gives you a guarantee for future usage.
  • Get a tote or a satchel bag. These are always trendy and of course have the advantage of a bigger space than clutches.
  • A gold or silver chain always complements your bag, and gives it an exquisite and classy look.

    Here are my favorite picks which I would definitely recommend for your look and style.

    Since you have an idea of which elements to look out for next time when purchasing your fashionable and trendy bag, do not forget to always slay and stand out with your unique style.

    Please kindly interact with me and let me know which elements you think are always essential and which are a definite no no! Lol. 

    With love from Precious Mohale ❀ Mwah!


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