The Urban Bush Babes

The two identical twins are queening on the throne of vintage styling and natural hair. Im talking about Takenya (TK) and Cipriana Quann. Born in Baltimore, the twin sisters have always been passionate about art, leaning more on the fashion side. It is their unique and sensational style that sets them apart. The kind of style that guarantees delight and charm. Not only it is captivating, it is the kind that has and still continue to win the hearts of many admirers.

The white kimono jacket is lit. Gorgeous.

The red ankle boots. Denim on denim.

The fashionable duo have flourishing careers. Takenya is best know by her stage name TK Wonder. She is an electronic singer and songwriter. On the contrary Cipriana is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of a lifestyle publication Urban Bush Babes. The blog gives advices and recommendations for natural hair.

Spring vibes

Gorgeous outfits

Vintage love

The Urban Bush Babes blog also provide suggestions and radar for vintage clothing. It’s description quotes “definite source for fashion, lifestyle, music, art and culture”. In August 2015 TK and Cipriana landed a breathtaking cover for Conde Nast traveler and I just have to share these amazing editorials because slayage, Lol.

Sisterly love


Screams spring! Lol

Fashionable pieces could be purchased by anyone but it is how you style and present your pieces that sets your unique identity. Keep styling.

With love, from Precious Mohale ❀


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