Fashion Law: Alexander McQueen Sued Over The Royal Dress

Kate Middleton’s wedding gown has caused a stir between Alexander McQueen and a London-based designer Christine Kendall. It is alleged that the final product of the gown May have been inspired by Christine’s designs. The London bridal fashion designer is said to have submitted her illustrations to the Duchess of Cambridge without the knowledge of McQueen being the appointed creator. Similar to the final product, her sketches are alleged to be 1950’s inspired. The lawsuit is directed at Sarah Burton, the creative director of McQueen in London.

The lawsuit asserts copyright infringement, which was ruled at intellectual property enterprise court of London. Furthermore Christine’s lawyer gave the following statement regarding the case “our client is certain that her company’s design was unfairly taken and copies. The claim is not against the Duchess and there is no allegation of wrongdoing against the palace.”

Conversely, Alexander McQueen released a statement in their defense: ” we are utterly baffled by this legal claim. Christine Kendall first approached us at Alexander McQueen almost four years ago, when we were clear with her that any suggestion Sarah Burton’s design of the royal wedding dress was copied from her designs was nonsense. Sarah Burton never saw any of Ms. Kenya’s designs or sketches and did not know Ms. Kendall before Ms. Kendall got in touch with us – some 13 months after the wedding. We do not know why Me. Kendall has raised this again, but there are no ifs, buts or maybes here: this claim is ridiculous.”

Fashion copyright infringement is a serious issue. Fashion law is real.

Precious Mohale ❀


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