Cannes 2016: Best Dressed

The 69th annual Cannes Film Festival began on the 11th May and will continue until the 22 May 2016. Appearances from A-listers with stupendous red carpet gowns made day one of the film festival extraordinary fashionable. Attendees brought their own unique styles from bejellewed gowns seen on Blake lively and Bella Hadid to old-school style statements of tuxedos seen on Victoria Beckham. The Cannes Film Festival remains one of the successful international film festivals to date, with overwhelming red carpet outfits. From Lupita’s powder blue Prada dresses from 2015 to Victoria Beckham’s tuxedo jumpsuit 2016 that had everyone talking about. Here are some best dressed appearances from day one of the 11th May.

Victoria Beckham in her tuxedo suit

Kristen Steward wearing Chanel

Blake Lively

Eva Longoria, lovely and clean look

Bella Hadid

love the neck piece and the sheer top, lovely.


well, nice colour.

Here are my two favorite looks before red carpet

love her shoes

Beautiful dress

The Cannes Film Festival 2016 red carpet, brought to you with love by Precious Mohale ❤


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