#MBFWJ17 Fashion Week

Africa Fashion International in collaboration with MAC cosmetics have delivered a successful fashion week. Creatives showcased their fashion art pieces on the runway, inspiration drawn from varying experiences. Exciting things took place for this year’s fashion week. A surprise element came from Fabiani with a new and appealing range for women’s wear. LeeBex, a fashion label focusing on plus size female bodies made an enchanting showcase featuring plus size models. These are exciting times, where plus size women are encourages to LOVE their bodies, look good and be appreciated. One of the collections that stood out for me was from Quiteria & George with the infusion of embroidery to their fabric, the choice of colours was splendid, the cuts and designs assembled together to make an aesthetic piece of art. Below are my favorite looks from the runway and street style.

Quiteria & George

Fabian’s Women’s wear

Thula Sindi

Street Style

Photography courtesy of Cedric Nzaka and Austin Malema.

With love from Precious Mohale πŸ’™


The Modern Woman

A woman is an epitome of Beauty in every form, she reeks of love and she is nurturing. The woman I would like to celebrate today is the one who is bold, in love with herself and she is in charge of her life. Woman’s day celebrates the strength and power that women demonstrate in a culturally hegemonic society constructed on masculine discourses. The Modern woman is independent, she is a leader, and she is “fearless in pursuit of what sets her soul on fire”. One of my favourite excerpts from ‘The woman I wanted to be’ encourages women to be unconventional: “Never, ever, blame others for what befall you, no matter how horrible it might be. Trust you, and only you, to be responsible for your own life”_ Diane Van Vrosternburg.

The sole purpose of this article is to plant the seed of independence in young women, and encouraging them to find their worth within themselves. There is so much power when women come together in celebration and support of one another. I would like to encourage women to LOVE one another, LOVE covers a multitude of sins. Conversely, LOVE is preceded by PEACE.Β 

Happy Women’s Day From Precious Mohale πŸ’™.

Trend Alert: Embroidery

With an enchanting showcase by Gucci at Fall/Winter 16, denim embroidery made a stunner comeback and has since taken the fashion world by storm. The trend has expanded from jeans to denim jackets, shoes and bags. Embellishment could be of any personal choice, whether you’re a lover of florals, artistic storytelling aesthetics or any kind of pins. This is definitely a trend for exploring your DIY skills that fit-in perfectly with your personal style. Embroidery is suitable for both Fall/Winter and Summer/Spring seasons, granting you a chance to exhibit your own personal style throughout. Below are my favorite picks of the trend.




Have fun exploring this trend and comment below your thoughts about it πŸ™‚

With love from Precious Mohale.

Iconic Women In Fashion.

This post is a symbol of celebratory and appreciation of women of glamour, style, substance, and iconic in the fashion world. These women have uniquely contributed to the fashion industry by their respective groundbreaking designs, aesthetics in modelling and photography as well as editorial and serious writing.

The first woman is Diane Von Furstenberg, a Belgian-American fashion designer widely known for her famous Wrap Dress. The knitted jersey was first introduced in the 70’s and has had a great impact on women’s clothing for years. Due to its influence in the fashion industry, it now resides under a collection of the costume institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Diane Von Furstenberg runs a successful fashion company signified by her initials DVF. She has been nominated as president of the Council of Fashion Designers Of America since 2006 to date. Due to her influence in fashion, Diane has been awarded numerous times because of her work. Her awards amongst the others include the 2014 powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine, Time 100 icons by Time magazine and a star on fashion walk of fame in 2008. This iconic woman has a cosmetic line, fragrances ( Tatiana and Diane), denim collaboration and a children’s collection. Not only is she an iconic fashion designer and a business woman, she posses a spirit of humanism, dedicating her time and wealth to the needy. Her trade mark DVF holds annual awards to celebrate women who are leaders, strong and courageous in their dedications to women’s causes. She is also a published author of Diane: A Signature Life and my favorite book, The Woman I Wanted To Be. 

This is by far an utterly beautiful masterpiece that had me inspired, had me in tears and full of joy all at once. The journey of discovery of her womanhood is beautifully painted in black and white. Her strength, her willingness to teach young women to be fearless and always see the good even when the bad is overwhelmingly taking over one’s life is artistically embedded in this book. 

The second woman I would like celebrate is Iman Abdulmajid famously known as Iman. She is one of the first supermodels of colour to ever be signed to a modelling agency in America. Being first discovered by an American photographer, Iman kick started her modelling career with a major modelling assignment for Vogue magazine. Prominent designers such as Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent used her as their muse on the runway and in editorial. Her unique physical features: her long neck and copper-tones skin has had Yves describing her as a “dream woman”. The iconic supermodel started a cosmetic line serving to cater to women with unique shades of colour that were difficult to find. The line has foundations in four formulations and 14 different shades. Her jewelry collection of Global Chic is currently a best seller among jewelry brands on HSN. In 2010, the Council of Fashion Designers Of America awarded her with Fashion Icon lifetime achievement award. Her humane nobility is signified by her current positions as a spokesperson of ‘Keep a child Alive’ and an ambassador for ‘Save the Children.’

“Fashion isn’t really about clothes, it’s about life.” One of France Sozzani’s famous quotes. Her passing has greatly saddened a lot in the fashion industry but her life is undeniably worth celebrating. Franca Sozzani was an editor of Vogue Italia and had graced the position for decades. Her belief in democratization of magazines made her stood out amongst other editors. Her fearlessness was witnessed in how she tackled important social and cultural issues around race and size in fashion. One of the memorable moments in fashion history was her acknowledgement of African culture by dedicating an entire feature to women of colour in 2008, titled L’uomo Vogue. Through photography, Franca expressed women demographics in terms of shapes and sizes by featuring plus size models in the magazine. Vogue Cutoy was launched under her name in order to give plus size bloggers a platform to offer fashion advices to full-featured women. Her belief to promote young designers, and the discussion of social issues like domestic violence, drug abuse  were unique elements that differentiated Vogue Italia from others. Franca assisted and provided work opportunities for underprivileged children under her foundation of ‘Child Priority.’ In a world of discriminatory practices of Fashion, Franca will forever be remembered and honoured for her belief in inclusive and a realistic representation of women in the world.

These women have uniquely contributed to the world of Fashion in different dimensions and in different times. Their work continue to inspire women of many generations to aspire for greatness and challenge existing social norms. 

Acknowledgements: vogue.com , dvf.com, Google images.

With love from Precious Mohale.


Known for his creative and artist transformations of the runway, Karl Lagerfeld has again defied the odds during the Chanel fashion show at Paris Fashion Week 2017. The fashion show echoed memories of what he labeled “high fashion ecology”, the Spring/Summer 16 Haute Couture as well as the Jacqueline Tailleur honorary show during Fall16/17.  These shows are signified by Karl’s ability to create and showcase the imagined world of Chanel, sharing its sentiments and connotations around fashion, art and creativity. 

There is an interplay of inspiration between ecology, art and creativity merged through the collection and the imagined world of the S/S 16 Haute Couture fashion show. It remains one of the remarkable and breathtaking shows of Chanel in Fashion Week history. Haute Couture pieces are handmade and known to last a lifetime, which signified the theme of “environmental-friendliness” of the show. The celebration of nature was artistically infused in the collection by use of wood, recycled paper as well as organic woven yarn. The suits and skirts were embroidered with wooden chips used as beading. Equally, ‘The wedding look” was made from wild cotton. The show completely disregarded the processes of fast fashion by explicitly portraying Haute Couture pieces as having no impacts on the ecological environment.

The A/W16 Haute Couture fashion show remains one of the most significant and eye opening moments in fashion week history. Arguments centred around the acknowledgement and appreciation of tailor makers have lingered around fashion writers and bloggers, as well as fashion enthusiasts, especially during fashion weeks. More often, creatives behind the scenes are disregarded and credit always granted to the faces of the brands. The tailor makers bring to life the fashionable sketches drawn by designers, and the show was made to acknowledge their power and contribution to the fashion world. Chanel’s petites mains (French, meaning seamstress) were the centre stage for the collection, showcasing the material, precision and details of the garments on the runway. There was a presence of sewing machines, fabrics and their samples, sketches, pins, needles are everything crucial for a garment to become alive. The show ended with a beautiful moment of appreciation with Karl Lagerfeld and the ateliers of the Chanel Haute Couture.

The “out of this world” show that impressed everyone in fashion and had us talking is the recent A/W17 that took place in Paris Fashion Week 17, that is still underway. The audience was literally ushered into space station to witness the space inspired collection. With the theme of ground control, the collection featured astronaut prints, metallic, glitter, and a combination of white and metallic silver on the clothing. The transformation of the Grand Palais to the space world was also achieved through the music that evoked feelings of curiosity of what else the world offered. Karl drew inspiration from astronaut clothing by infusing the neckline reminiscent of a space suit in most pieces. The show presented one of the most creative and unexpected but yet captivating “realities” of the Chanel fashion world. Magnificent indeed.

Karl Lagerfeld will forever be acknowledged of his creative ways that bring transformation to the ordinary runway. This connotates the uniqueness of Chanel fashion shows and makes it standout during fashion weeks. There are a lot of significant moments that Karl has presented, serving to educate and enforce social change, the women’s protests and support of feminism being one of them. Being in the presence of such environments grants the audience firsthand experience of the imagined worlds of Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel as a trademark. 

Acknowledgement: vogue.com and fashionista.com 

Pictures obtained from Twitter #Chanel

With love from Precious Mohale.

Breaking The Rules With Rihanna.

Hi there lover

Paper magazine has released its artistically enchanting cover of March starring Rih! In almost a decade of her feature on the magazine, no timing is this perfect and totally worth it. Rihanna recently received Harvard’s Humanitarian of year award (amazing right?!) And the feature celebrates this with beautiful aesthetics through photography and editorials. The team from paper magazine express their excitement and explains the editorials by saying:” for our spring #BreakTheRules cover, our team took inspiration from her budding acting career and chameleon-like powers of transformation to cast her as a high fashion clerk in a bodega of the future.” Rih is said to be part of an all female cast of Ocean’s Eight along side the iconic Anne Hathaway. The article featured these amazing pictures

Read more on the feature article on http://www.papermag.com/rihanna-paper-2293524292.html 

Styled by Farren Fucci and Shannon Stokes

Photo assistants: Butch Hogan and David Morett.

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New York Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 17 has kicked off and one of my absolute favourite designers Michael Costello showcased his ready-to-wear collection. Inspired by Midnight Botanical Garden, the collection was infused with staggering details of floral, lace and silk. Michael Costello has always been admired for his impeccable attention to detailing since his Project Runway days, season 8. Slits, bare backs, plunging neckline all represents his sexy aesthetic style signature. The alluring collection was showcased in dark purple, dark red and black silhouettes that strikingly depicted spring. The element of surprise was the features of Tyson Beckford, as a tease for an upcoming Michael Costello men’s collection. Below are my favorite picks straight from the runway. 

“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well”  Vivienne Westwood

With love from Precious Mohale.


Hello lovers

Transparent heels amongst other trends introduced during fashion weeks have successfully penetrated the fashion world, style wise. Fashion Weeks have become a complex arena that introduces varied trends for approaching seasons, often blurring the trend setting process. Arguably, diversity is great and highly appreciated, however, domination of certain trends over the others could jeopardize the counter subordinates. The sole purpose of fashion weeks have become vague, but certainly not entirely, because directions of future styles are vastly showcased. It is sometimes difficult to narrow down those styles to one trend or successfully follow all of them.

Fashion signifies a cycle that continually introduce and reintroduces varied styles from previous ancient and modern designs. Style is influenced by art, culture, technology and overarching themes of fashion. Evidently, designs of the transparent heels are no different from previous and present styles, only the exception of material replacements.The trendy transparent or clear heels brought back memories of 2015 London Fashion Week Street Style, where fashionistas incorporated them in their styles and nailed it. This mesmerizing shoe trend is definitely a must have and worth adding to your closet this season. They beautifully and clearly portray the skin whilst keeping the sophisticated look. There are varieties of designs to choose from, which accommodates for different personal styles. Below are beautifully alluring heels that match with my personal style.

The variety of these clear heels caters for different seasons: a range from boots to sandals. High fashion labels like Yeezy has a feature of the shoe trend, which will be showcased in the up coming Yeezy season four during the New York Fashion week. Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing a sneak peak of the upcoming yeezy collection, paired with the gorgeous clear heels.

Still on the trend note, denim jackets, shirts and chockers are items to add to your wardrobe this season. You definitely will never go wrong with denim. The shoe trend is CLEARLY something to try out, I absolutely love them.

You can post your views and comments below, would you rock the transparent heels? πŸ™‚

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Hello my fashion lovers! 

It’s that time of the month where we are granted the honour to joyfully peak through our favourite stars’ lives. Magazines remain the most vital medium that successfully deliver colourful and magnificent rhetorics of lively hoods in the celebville. I personally still adore and appreciate the printed versions in the digital age. Their metaphorical tangible dreams have the ability to evoke beautiful emotions of the reader. Page to page dreams of inspiration through beauty, lifestyle and fashion. For this month, I decided to share with you all the two artistic covers that really took my breath away. 

The Smith siblings, Jaden and Willow are the cover stars for Interview magazine September issue. The two praised their parents Will and Jada, concerning their influence on who they have become at present. The 18 year old Jaden is an actor and a rapper, whilst Willow has begun her singing career at a tender age of 6. The beautifully and artistically shot editorials has had everybody talking about the two adorable siblings.

The oh so gorgeous and legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell covered Paper magazine as one of the hundred beautiful people. If we recall, earlier this year, the model released and launched her book with an overwhelmingly fabulous feminine cover. She is gorgeous, has a forever flourishing career and an inspiring business woman. 

I really hope you enjoyed the read, please do comment below, share your thoughts on these beautiful pictures. 

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Vera Wang’s Couture Wedding Dress

Hello my lovers, so in the middle of my chaotic school work I decided to share some Ah(mazing) pictures of the newly wed Eniko Hart. Yep! Kevin Hart finally tied the knot with his girlfriend and they had a beautiful beautiful wedding. Eniko’s Vera Wang dresses were totes breathtaking! She wore a mermaid silhouette dress that extentuated her sexy curves, with an embellishment on its upper part. The second dress had a semi long trail, and had white floral embellishments. Let me not say much and share with you the glory of this Haute Couture by Vera Wang.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Hart! Beautiful wedding! And we wish them a happy life together as one. We LOVE and we are about HIGH FASHION here at PreciousLaModa.
With love from Precious Mohale ❀